The Dark Knight – Christopher Nolan (2008)

A masterpiece of action-thriller cinema, The Dark Knight brings a version of Batman that whilst not comic book accurate, exists on its own terms. Delivering a thematically heavy story and coupling it with a simple delivery gives the film a natural fast pace right to the finish. Continuing his grounded, hyper realistic version of the iconic Caped … Continue reading The Dark Knight – Christopher Nolan (2008)

Captain Marvel – Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck 2019

Lacking anything special Captain Marvel struggles to stand out in a sea of superhero films. However it does measure up to the quality we have come to expect from the MCU and therefore is worth the watch if you're still fully on board with the franchise at this point. Whilst failing to break new ground in any … Continue reading Captain Marvel – Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck 2019

Venom – Ruben Fleischer (2018)

Failing to do anything special, Venom hardly stands out in a market that is drowning in Superhero and comic book films. With few bright sparks the film is ultimately a disappointment. However those bright sparks are bright indeed which save it from being the train-wreck many expected it to be. Following the lacklustre Gangster Squad (2013) Ruben … Continue reading Venom – Ruben Fleischer (2018)