Venom – Ruben Fleischer (2018)

Failing to do anything special, Venom hardly stands out in a market that is drowning in Superhero and comic book films. With few bright sparks the film is ultimately a disappointment. However those bright sparks are bright indeed which save it from being the train-wreck many expected it to be. Following the lacklustre Gangster Squad (2013) Ruben … Continue reading Venom – Ruben Fleischer (2018)

Hold the Dark – Jeremy Saulnier (2018)

A Netflix frontier mystery which will probably leave you with more unanswered questions than you might care for, but the venture into this dark and twisted tale is worth the visual experience in itself. Returning to the director’s chair following his last project, the fantastic Green Room (2015), Jeremy Saulnier heads up the latest Netflix … Continue reading Hold the Dark – Jeremy Saulnier (2018)

Predator – Shane Black (2018)

An uninspired, inconsequential, monotonous adventure from start to finish that will leave you wondering what was actually good about this franchise in the first place.   Shane Black’s directorial career can be split into two categories. He is relatively successful at original neo-noir comedy ventures with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) and The Nice Guys (2016), … Continue reading Predator – Shane Black (2018)